Congratulations Granny Hatchet - 100,000 Posts!!!


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Dec 26, 2006
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Ok this is pretty epic! Today our super talkative friend @Granny Hatchet has reached the super incredible amazing milestone of 100,000 posts on BYC!!!!

She joined our family back on 9/26/2013, and in that time she's posted a little bit!Let's do some fun math:

While only a member for In the almost exactly 5 years you've been with us, you've averaged:

    • 19,478 posts per year
    • 1,623 posts per month
    • 375 posts per week
    • and 53 posts per day!


Granny's been such a fun social-animal on BYC and we hope y'all join us in congratulating her on such a monumental achievement!

We look forward to what her next 100,000 posts will be! :D

Yorkshire Coop

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Aug 16, 2014

And thank you for the trophy ! It makes a statement. Chickens make the world go around. Or, The world revolves around chickens maybe ?

My world revolves around the chickens & the rest of the menagerie! Chickens do make the world go around!

You can edit his posts ? :eek: Oh man ! We could have some fun with that .. :clap

I can but not the math! That is not my strong point! :lol:

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