Conroe Texas Buddies?


10 Years
Aug 17, 2009
Cut n Shoot Texas
Anyone out there from the Conroe area? Wouldn't it be cool to have a list of local buddies for future trades and purchases and networking ideas?
Hey Bedste,
We used to live in Conroe, and moved to Normangee a little over a year ago.
I am about 100 miles or so north of you. We are north of Madisonville if that helps.
We are new to the Chicken world, and learning so much from this website.
I would be interested in being on your list too, as we are in and out of Conroe fairly often. My SIL lives in Cut and Shoot too.

AWESOME! Thank you for letting me know..... everyone else is either ashamed of Conroe or they already have too many friends.... LOL

Happy to know you...... I agree BYC is wonderful... they have helped me in so many ways..... Please add me to your buddy list also...
Hi Bedste,
I live in Kountze(which is a little piece down Hwy. 105 from you).

What kind of birds do you raise?

I currently have BR, PR, BA, SLW, GLW, Lakenvelders, Sumatras, NHR, BO, RI White, Partridge Plymouth Rock, White Plymouth Rock and Black Langshan.

Sure wish we had a poultry show down here in SE Texas!
I'm in Montgomery ...
Hi neighbor.
Hi everyone!
I am still trying to figure out how to do the buddy list too!
I am excited to see you all here! My DH and myself have been bitten by
the Chicken bug, and we are totally enjoying ourselves! Our flock is still
young, they are just 8 wks old. So looking forward to one day having eggs!
But really enjoy learning about them, and making them pets. I am guilty of
taking a stool and a towel, and sitting and talking and petting them. Time
sure goes by! It's been weeks since DH has had a decent cooked meal !!


He is such a patient, wonderful man !

Hi Kacey! When you click on someones name another page opens up and one of the options is "add to buddy list"

Welcome WELCOME welcome. This is the place that has saved me from making so many horrible mistakes and also that place that helped me clean up some of the mistakes I had already made... LOL

Lots of great advice and sometimes conflicting advice.... so I gleen from it all and do the best I can. Welcome !

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