Considering a New Goose Incubator - ?Brinsea OvaEasy Advance.


8 Years
Feb 19, 2011
Suffolk, UK
Hmm....... decisions, decisions!!!

At the moment we're considering the purchase of a new incubator. The size of the Dewlap eggs are a problem as they can weigh over 200gms and therefore it doesn't take many to fill an incubator.

We have our old faithfull still air machine which is used really for hatching.

We used to use the Brinsea Octogons but found the digital display was inaccurate and there was a temperature variation within the larger Octogon 40 despite twin fans in the cover. To be fair these were also older models and did not have integrated humidity control.

We then switched to a R-Com 20 Pro with USB connectivity. WOW - great for accuracy, temperature and humidity control. The only gripe is the goose trays are too small for Dewlaps and don't turn the eggs. You have to use the universal egg tray and its capacity is only 10 eggs!

We also bought a basic R-Com 50 - again very pleased with accuracy, ease of use etc but struggling with capacity as it only takes 21 large goose eggs.

So now we're considering a cabinet so we have increased capacity. We have looked at the R-Com Maru and the specifications seem very good and if they're as good as our R-Com 50 and 20 then great. However there's only one distributer in Ireland and R-Com are I believe Korea based. The only R-Com supplier in the UK does not stock larger machines. This makes us a little nervous as to after sales service and parts for a machine costing around $1200.

So we've looked into the new generation of Brinsea OvaEasy Advance Cabinets, both the 190 and 380. They seem to be very good and with some good reviews. We like the capacity and eggs can be incubated vertically or on their sides. Additionally the new optional cooling system is integrated into these machines.

Your thought welcome and any experiences.


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