Constipated Hen? Watery crop, but swollen underneath

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    Dec 13, 2014
    My 4 year old hen (stopped laying eggs last year) hasn't been pooping any solids. When she poops its just a white liquid that comes out. The area between her legs, on each side where the rib cage ends, feels swollen. Her crop feels soft, like there's just a bunch of water in it. Does anyone know what this might be? If so does anyone have any tips on how to get her to pass something solid?
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    I'm sorry that your hen is not feeling well.

    Swelling between the legs and a soft/watery crop, to me is an indication that she has an internal laying/reproductive disorder like Egg Yolk Peritonitis, Ascites, cancer or tumors.
    There is no real treatment, but to make them comfortable. If there is fluid in the abdomen, sometimes draining will give them some relief and allow them to function for a while longer.

    If you have vet care, that is always best.

    Just my thoughts.
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