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Jun 12, 2021
I have a chick thats about 4 weeks old. The only chick that has had pasty butt. I clean his butt frequently. Today when I got off work, I noticed it looked like he had a prolapsed vent. Some clearing liquid was coming from his red very swollen bottom. I submerged his body in warm water. Washed off the whitish colored stuck on poop,and tried to massage his bottom area (not the vent portion) and I stuck him in the incubator away from the other chicks. I also put a barrier protectant on his red inflamed vent. And let him be. About 20 minutes later I came to check on him. And there was a poop about an inch long, and a little smaller diameter of a pencil in the incubator with him. He still looks to be pushing and struggling. Any suggestions on how I can help this baby?
Where are you keeping the chicks?
What's the temperature?

What do you feed?

You mention incubator, do you mean brooder?
How many chicks?

Can you please post some photos of the chick, the brooder set-up and of the poop?

The chick may be constipated, I would give him 1/2 tsp coconut oil twice a day. Try giving some wet chick starter and make sure he's drinking well.
He may be overheating(?) If the vent is inflamed and/or the tissue is protruding, apply anti-inflammatory cream and keep the exposed tissue moist so it doesn't dry out.

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