Construction has begun--PICS INSIDE! Question about space...

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    So DH and the drummer from his band (who is very sweet, has raised chickens, and is willing to help for some beer, taco bell and about $100, all told--quite a steal!) are sawing and hammering away!!! They have been out since 9 this morning, and I'm so pleased! I'll post pics later after the whole day's progress is complete. I also managed to sweet talk DH into making our back wall 7' and our front wall 4'9", rather than 6' and 4', which will make it infinitely easier for me to get around and also makes it possible to have a roost "ladder" with three 8' roosts and not just 2 (almost 12" per bird if all 25 make it)...SO, I'm plotting whether I can keep more birds...[​IMG]

    The coop is raised, and the floor accidentally got built 6' higher than intended--which leaves me a 6x10 area underneath that is 30" high, which we will make a passageway between the 2 runs--it's dirt, so we'll be able to put shavings under it and staple hardware cloth along the back and left sides. I'm hoping perhaps that will be a spot they will play and scratch around, and that will give them more floor space during the day. I can use bales of hay or straw in the winter to keep the north (against house) and west (far) sides of the "lower mini coop" better insulated from any wind during the day.

    I've said all this because I ordered the 25 chick minimum, figuring I'd sell some to get my flock down to 15 (4sf per bird is 60sf, hence my 6x10 coop). Considering I now have a 30" high sheltered enclosed space for them to scratch around and play in underneath the enclosed coop, and if they have 1/3-1/2 acre fenced run during the day, is it possible to keep all 25 chickies happily? I have planned 2 community nest boxes, 3 feet wide by 12" deep by 14" high, and I'm REALLY trying to find a way to keep all the birds that I get and raise successfully (but not at the expense of their well being.)

    So here it is so far. It was DH's idea (over my objections, but I wasn't too forceful because I need to choose my battles, it's still early in the game) to slam it up so close to the house. It's 2' away...which to me is weird and silly, but oh well. He thought it was weird to have it "out in the middle of the yard." {He's also the kind of person that wants all the furniture shoved against all the walls instead of "out in the middle of the room"[​IMG]} There will be a 6' vent at the top of the front wall. The people door will be on the left (facing coop) and the pop door will be on the right. We will use movable fencing to fence the run, and they will have 2 runs, one up the hill to the right and one out in front. The big window is my favorite! It's 3'x5', and we found it on craigslist for $50--it's a brand new Pella window!!!



    I'm SO thrilled!!! This is literally the first time in our 15 year marriage DH has used to build something for MEEEE!!!!!
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    Aug 4, 2008
    Looking Good!!!! How Exciting for you!!! Keep us posted with the progress.
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    That's some fine progress there... That space under the coop can sure be used to extend their run space... If they have access, they'll surely hang out under it.

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