Construction sand in the run during winter


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Aug 18, 2019
Northwest Pennsylvania
This winter will be my first and my construction sand in my run has been great theough the summer as well as the straw in the coop and nesting boxes. What tips should I know going into winter??

Does the sand freeze? Should I layer straw on top of the sand for texture ?

And how do you keep a normal hanging water feeder from freezing ?
I wrap part of my Run in vapour barrier plastic and have a tarp over the top also. My Run is totally enclosed in mesh wire fencing. I use Sand in my Run also and my chickens on warmer day still dust bath etc. Nice thing about vapour barrier plastic is on sunny days It holds in the heat..I have feed and water in my Coop and I run a heat lamp over a rubber livestock bowl in winter. Water gets iced over in super cold weather but never frozen solid.

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