Construction sand VS. Wood Shavings


May 6, 2017
Looking for advice - I currently use wood shavings for my coop but my husband wants to clean it all out and begin using construction sand for the coop bedding and run ground cover. What are the pros and cons?? Anyone have a preference and or why?


Mar 15, 2017
Midwest US
There is a very informative thread here that asks the same question. I would encourage you to to search for it. It really is an excellent thread with just a ton of great information. I read it and decided to use the deep litter method for my run and coop. I do not have time to clean sand up every day and Sand is so stinking heavy and freezes easily in winter. I cannot imagine having to walk on sand in the winter, so I chose mulch with deep litter. I also have a garden, and some low spots in our yard. I am hoping to have the chickens make my compost for me to spread around the garden and yard. My plan is to clean the coop every fall, after gardening season is over. Before adding bedding from the coop to the run, I will harvest from the run to add to the garden. I know it will take time and patience, but I am in nor rush. I would suggest asking yourself questions about how much time you have to spend cleaning and freshening up your coop each week. How many chickens do you have? Where are you going to put the poop if you have sand?


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Jan 10, 2013
I have used sand for coop/run and even nest boxes and brooder and am still happy with it. But it's use has become controversial. The decision really depends on your climate and the issues Kellycbf has raised.

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