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  1. Just watched the movie, and noticed the line, "...we don't have to target bird flu as a weapon. The birds do that for us." ...and right away worried that people will jump to backyard chickens.

    Later, luckily, the movie traced bats and hogs as the viral problem, which made pretty good fiction. But, still, I'm worried because the movie showed plenty of birds and chickens in a market.

    Help me quit worrying. I don't want people to jump all over backyard chicken keepers because of the fearmongering.
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    well, to be honest, I have noticed that most people believe that ALL poultry diseases are a result of back yard flocks, and that they have been eliminated in the big production houses, which a LIE. [​IMG] [​IMG] I have a friend who was raised on a broiler farm with over a 100,000 chickens and everyday, dozens died due to diseases! [​IMG] Many back yard flocks, if not most, are VERY healthy! they are much more clean, and the chickens are much more happy!!!! I know we all know this, but I have been reading a lot of writing, and even the some laws that were, thank goodness, not passed, seemed to be against chicken keepers. I think that people where I live, (rural SC) will always have as many chickens as they want, ( we do) and will ALWAYS prefer farm fresh eggs and fresh chicken to the stuff in the stores, but I do think it is possible for people to fear chicken owners in their ignorance. . . [​IMG]
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    First...Is the movie good???!!! [​IMG]

    Second...I don't know much about these things but from what I have read and heard our chickens should be ok. Remember that BIG scare in Europe a year or couple years ago with the bird flu? Schools who had chickens had parents freak out over having the birds in with their kids but there were no backyard problems, from what I remember. Neighbors freaked out over neighbors having chickens but they were ok. It was JUST the BIG egg production places that have bad conditions and people that import, butcher.....etc.... Tell me if I am wrong, but you can research Europe's big scare and see what they dealt with... [​IMG] I am not worried!
  4. Yes, its a pretty good movie. Not the best movie, but it moves along pretty well, and it was interesting to see the development of "who's the bad guy, really, here?". Never saw THAT actor be the bad one before.

    We watched it as a social studies break, to compare it to Stephen King's THE STAND upon which the movie is based (homeschooling a high school freshman who's a big S.K. fan).

    Now, we'll have to catch up on Sherlock Holmes, the preview to that new movie looks great!

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