Contest Ended - Tell Us Your Funniest Chicken Story to Win Six Bags of Feed from Nutrena!


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Jan 11, 2012
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Congratulations to Cotton42! Thanks so much for all of your hilarious submissions!

Tell us your FUNNIEST STORY about your chickens and have a chance to PICK SIX - win SIX bags of Nutrena
or Country Feeds (it's your choice!)

We all know that our chickens do more than just share our backyards and give us eggs - they entertain us, too! And they've all done something funny once, twice, okay, DOZENS of times! To enter this contest, reply to this thread with your most hilarious chicken story. Not only will we all have fun contributing to a HUGE thread, but the best story, as chosen by members of the BYC team, will win six bags of NatureWise or Country Feeds!

To Enter:

1) Post your funniest chicken story as a reply to this thread. Must be between 50-250 words.

2) Check out the Nutrena Website to start thinking about what you would choose if you won.

3) Get excited to read all of the hilarious stories and find out who won!

The contest will end the day after Thanksgiving (November 23rd) and the winner will be announced on November 28th, so check back to see if you've won!

Please read all terms and conditions here before entering.
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Jan 11, 2012
Yup, everyone should just leave their replies right here in the thread! We want to get a HUGE thread going with all kinds of hilarious stories!


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Apr 17, 2012
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I had just received an order of 15 chicks. I put them in the brooder in the garage. One side of the brooder was open, but blocked off enough to keep the chicks in one side, with the heat lamp hanging in the middle.
I still don't know how long the chick was missing, how she got loose or how she survived. Have you ever tried counting chicks as they are running around? I did count as often as I happened upon the majority sleeping. At about a week old, I counted 14. I told my husband, and he counted. 14.
I was sure a cat from next door had gotten her. I felt terrible, and hoped she died quickly.
Two days later, after driving through the yard, 20 + local cats, 4 area dogs and numerous other predators lurking around, I went to feed the gang. Guess who I found free ranging outside the run, with a group of hens trying to get to her?
I was simply stunned. She was thin, but okay. She is still my little adventurer.


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Apr 23, 2012
Ontario Canada
Ok I'll try. One day I went out to feed my chickens in the morning like I always do with my black lab dog bandit. And when I opened the coop to let all the birds out, my bantam black Cochin rooster. AKA; king of the flock, and also the smallest bird out of that flock started chasing my LF silkie hen around the yard !!! My rooster all fluffed out like a tom turkey was chasing this hen around in circles for at least 8 minuites. And scince the hen had no where to get away from this crazy black fury of feathers she decided to jump on my my dogs back:rolleyes:And I guess bandit didn't like that so my dog started trying to get this thing off of his back like the hen was a ticking time bomb. And there way no way in chicken heaven that that hen was going to give up the safety of a dogs back in exchange for a crazy Cochin that was circling around my dogs legs waiting for her to come down. After my dog finally gave up trying to get this hen off of his back I resolved the conflict by putting some food out, and the chochin and the silkie went there separate ways for the rest of the day. :D

THE END:lol:


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May 10, 2011
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I've only had my 4 hens since May. When we went on vacation this August, my Mom said she would look after our hens for us. Well, I have a very friendly buckeye named Nutmeg who loves to follow me and talk with me while I do chickeny chores. Mom came over to do the first feeding, opened the door and turned around to get into the feed barrel. Of course Meg came out talking and hunting for any lost tidbits--Mom turned around and Meg stopped- stood stock still--realized it wasn't her human, and flew back into the coop! By the next day they were fast friends! Just shows you that she who feeds holds their hearts.


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Aug 17, 2012
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My funniest experience with my chickens was when my three cousins came to my house for a visit. My whole family knows I am a animal fanatic especially when it comes to chickens so every time they come i give them a tour of all my animals, and keep in mind two of my cousins were almost terrified of any kind of living thing . I started with my tarantula and then continued to show them all my animals, but i left the best for last, my chickens.The last time they had come i had only 6 chickens because i had left for a while so i gave most of them away, but what they dint know is that I now had thirty-two chickens and a lot of them would run towards you, try get on your shoulder and wait to be feed. You should have seen the look on their faces
when half of my thirty-two chickens flew towards them, they ran out of there and the chickens followed and the youngest one that is sixteen tripped and when she did a couple of the chickens went towards her, got on top of her and waited, but of course i went to help her up(she was okay). Now when they come they don't get close to the chicken coop
. But oh well

Hope you guys enjoyed my story.


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Aug 2, 2011
My funny story involves call ducks, but it starts with a chicken... so hope this qualifies...

I have this one young silkie rooster that is such a stinker, even though I raised him from an egg. He's maturing and would like nothing more than to be the leader of the land. He concocted his master plan and decided that the fastest way to the top is to take ME down.
Doesn't he know I feed them??!

So a couple weeks ago, I am enjoying the nice weekend outside working so I let all the birds out of their pens to free range, and this little guy comes strutting up and starts attacking my legs! Rather than walk away (didn't want him thinking he won the match!) I stood there and let him attack away, waiting for him to get bored and give up. He's no good at trying to be a big scary rooster. While I'm patiently wait for him to get done lunging into my shins, my little call duck I've raised since she fit in the palm of my hand, sees him attacking me.

This call duck, named Duck-Duck has a history of being nosey, which is how she ended up in my avatar picture. I was taking a picture of the silkie and SHE jumped in the picture find out what the excitement was all about. BUT, she isn't overly tame. She watches what I do, but she does not wish to be petted or picked up.

For this reason, I was shocked when Duck-Duck came full speed waddle/running over to my rescue! I've never seen that little duck waddle so fast - you'd have thought her tail was on fire! She gets between that chicken and I, and puts her head down with her beak out and open like the most ferocious goose, and starts threatening to pluck out every feather on his body. Not more than 30 seconds later, Duck-Duck's best friend, another call duck, joins in on this. The silkie dodges their charging for a minute or so, and then he decides he's had enough of this crazy duck thing and slinks away.

Then the ducks just start eating grass at my feet like nothing ever happened!

That young silkie try anything again since. I guess my little bodyguards have put him in his place!

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May 18, 2012
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My Coop
My funniest story is at the expense of a poor, misguided - and now deceased - frog.

Said frog made the mistake of getting in the run. Hilarity ensued when my girls gave chase while attempting to fight each other over the rights to this frog. One would grab it - the other would take it - and, in short order, - the poor frog was dead as a door nail. But, it didn't end there.

One of my bigger girls ended up with rights to the frog and decided she wasn't going to delicately pick it apart for lunch for fear her sisters would snag some. So . . . she decided to eat the poor frog whole. Head first.

I stood at a distance for fear she choke to death as this was no small frog. Figured I could always hop in [no pun intended] and pull it out of her throat if it became stuck. But - no - she worked hard at gulping this frog down, bit by bit.

The funny part . . . almost at the end of gulping the frog, she turned around and looked at me. The frog legs were sticking out of her beak, one hanging down on each side. Looked exactly like my chicken had an old-fashioned handlebar mustache!!!

Yeah . . well . . . would have been funnier with a picture.

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