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    Sep 19, 2012
    This contest is a very rewarding one!

    All you have to do is say a very good story about any poultry you have!

    Funny, sad, happy, or educational. It will have a category for each. The winner of each will be recognized. At the end there will be a grand winner who had the best of all and they will get to choose the prize first. the second place will be second to choose and third will chose third.


    $1.00 amazon gift card code
    10 pear seeds
    10 apple seeds
    10 grape seeds
    5 squash seeds

    There will be small prizes for winners of each category that i will tell them

    This contest ends on the 10th of december.

    Some prizes have a wait and will be shipped out the week given
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    Pigeon Fancy
    I had bought three pairs of pigeons when I went to buy a single pair because I found out how much I really liked them. Now to explain, I've fancied chickens since I first got them, it was an unknown passion for many years but when I got them a bond was formed like chickens were for me, meant for me. I had a business, and I still have one, where I've been a good negotiator to make good profits on rabbits and poultry and yet, I had been suckered in to buying six pigeons instead of two. Then I realized that I did that to many customers edging them on to buy a pair instead of a single bird and I had been played in my own game for my own good.

    Well, clearly these pigeons ended up being somewhat better than chickens in certain ways. I liked the way they looked, they resembled everything I wanted and liked in chickens, they ate less food, took up less space, produced winning offspring and won themselves and were overall it seemed, easier to manage. These pigeons had all won awards, where the owner ended up selling me the trophies when I bought the winning birds. Many of my chickens hadn't been shown yet so the winning birds appealed to me. Yes the pooping, cooing, fluffy birds had appealed to me, a chicken lover who thought chickens were like the best animal in the world and nothing else could really compete with them besides a dog.

    Well the fact was and still is I love to show poultry and when I bought these pigeons it expanded my horizons on the showing of the world and too see how similar a world of showing is to another. I had found something to learn more about and owned something to think about and even more to care for so it is and has been a great experience to become Pigeon Fancy. Below are the actual birds described in my story.

    "Buda Pest Tumbler Pigeons"

    "American Fantail Pigeons"

    "English Trumpeter Pigeons"

    The End!
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