CONTEST!!!! Story Title **PRIZE** Ends May 26th


Here is Your New Title
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Jun 28, 2009
I am writing a story, for school.
All I need YOU to do is come up with the title!
It is a completely general story about wolves.
The name must be The __________ __________ Pack.
For example,
The Burning Dawn Pack
The Broken Silence Pack
The Green Rapids Pack
The Sunshine Forest Pack

Get the idea? Just post away as MANY names as you'd like! The WINNER (Which I will choose my favorite 10, then make a poll) will receive an edited picture of their avatar!



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Those are good, but i'm trying to make them more.. nature based. Like things in nature. :D
The New Forest Pack
The Roaring Water(s) Pack
The Raging Wind Pack
The Silent Desert Pack
The Lone Star Pack

Does it have to be in that order as well?

The Pack of Fierce Silence
The Pack of True Belonging
The pack of Lone Stars
The Pack of the Rising Sun
The Pack of Clear Skies
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The Shadow Tree pack
The Racing Fire pack
The Snowfall River pack
The Fire Stone pack
The Rising Glory pack
The Twisted Tree pack
The Lone Star pack

What do you think?
Those are AWESOME LL98. Snowfall and Twisted are my 2 favorites out of them :D
Mhm, this is interesting.

Here are a few:
The Bloody Moon Pack
The Rose Petal Pack
The Underfalls Pack
The Water Moon Pack
The Howling Moon Pack
The White Rose Pack
The Talons Grasp Pack
The Alpha 9 Pack
The Mystic Aura Pack
The Thunder River Pack
The Winter Snow Pack
The Smoke Moon Pack
The Broken Shadow Pack
The Broken Light Pack
The Morning Star Pack
The Northern Star Pack
The Vengeful Breeze Pack
The Tranquil Thunder Pack
The Lightening Valley Pack
The Dancing Snow Pack
The Raging Fire Pack
The Moonlight Path Pack
The Fire Moon Pack
The Lightening Howl Pack
The Snow Prowlers Pack
The Wood Prowlers Pack
The Fire Rock Path
The Rattler Path Pack
The Twisted Oasis Pack
More Soon ..

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