CONTEST: What breeds are these chicks?

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Apr 28, 2012
Brockville, On
I have some pics of them and if you can tell which breeds they are with my descriptions, you'll win the contest. No one so far on BYC has gave me any ideas on to what breeds they are, so i'm guessing it's diffucult. I guees this adds alot of bragging rights!

This one is a bantam and looks pretty much like the one below but with feathered legs. Now idea what it is.

This one looks like the bantam chick above but without the feathered legs. Too my knowledge, it isn't a bantam. I have no idea what this one is. It is the friendliest chick in the bunch.

These two chicks have all balck feathers. This picture is a week earlier than now, and they are both much darker. The legs are dark also. Their beak is not all yellow, but has a bit of black on some parts of the beak.

This one is really skittish. It has some feathers now and they are all the same color as the chick pictured.

This one has clean legs. I'm wondering if it would be a barred plymouth rock or something, but i don't know.

Here they are all together with Bonnie!

Thanks so much good luck to everybody!
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