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    May 8, 2016
    New to this site looking for help with my moms conures. Okay so she has 2 conures who keep having eggs and not taking care of them, from the start won't even sit on them. So she bought an incubator and put them in there. Left them in and saw them growing and out of the 4, 2 hatched last night. They we tweeting and moving, and looked good. She then was getting up every 2 hours to feed and they looked good, still very active. Well within 8 hours they both died. She is devastated and is not sure what happened.

    Last year the same set in conures laid eggs and would sit on them, but once they were born the parents did not take care of them. So she stepped in and feed and took care of them and they all survived. So she does have experience prior with taking care of them after being hatched.

    Any thoughts of what went wrong?

    Again these aren't my birds so I don't know every detail, just trying to help her out.


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