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Nov 1, 2019
Greenville NC
Hello all,

My name is Joanna and I’m new to chickens and country living since 2017.

From suburbia Greenville to NYC and then to rural Greenville I’ve finally found a slower pace once I get home and I love it!

So chickens, brand new to them. Bought 4 Amberlink laying hens at 6 months old from a fella that keeps around 500 in his large yard as pets. I’ve never seen anything like it

The idea was to get some eggs and to have some pets that my 3 sons would enjoy. So far so good but no eggs yet because my dogs are still learning how to not jump on the coop and scare them. Shock collar is working but it takes time.

The girls look pretty happy, we built a dome shaped chicken tractor and just put in a roaring bar and a high nesting box which they don’t like to share with each other.
I have them on bugs from the yard and organic feed and many kitchen scraps. Hoping they start to lay soon and I’m also in line to pick up a 4 month old Amberlink rooster. Hoping this all goes well!

Heard about BYC from my neighbor, she’s a chicken expert having been brought up on an actual farm where they only bought flour and sugar from the store. She’s amazing.


Apr 29, 2009
Wilson, NC
Welcome to BYC!
I, too was a city girl. Suburbs of Atlanta.I had never seen a live chicken until my first state Fair (with first husband-country boy). I fell in love (with chickens). Between divorce, move, new job, new husband, twins and a lot of other events, I had a long hiatus from birds. Happily have chickens again, but in town limits. Hopefully we can get back to the rural life eventually. There is nothing better!

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