Cook Books for Sale or Trade?

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    The Small Dogs Doggy Bone Cookbook (hardback), missing the dog-bone-shaped cookie cutter $5

    You Bake Em Dog Biscuits, NEW $12.95 paperback

    Cooking up Good Things $12

    Family Circle Quick & Easy Recipes 300 Recipes from Reader's Digest

    I.C. Cookbook for You & Me $10

    The books below are all the same "series" of books. About 50 pages or so with color pics $5 each

    Mexican Fiesta 33 recipes (paperback)

    Mexican Salsa & Appetizers (paperback)

    Italian Favorites (paperback)

    Grandma's Cookie Jar (paperback)

    Holiday Food Fun (paperback)

    Holiday Party Food (paperback)

    Holiday Desserts (paperback)

    Favorite Chili Recipes (hardback)

    Soups & Stews (hardback)

    I'll trade for chicken themed decor items, hatching eggs (certain cold-hardy, hertiage breeds), muscovy eggs, turkey eggs...just ask! Thanks!

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