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7 Years
Jun 3, 2014
Bisbee AZ 85603
I hope I put this in the right place..? tonight I was so tired that I just tossed one whole spaghetti squash into a pot of water,first I marked the top so I knew were the top part was, since it floats & wont cook well on the top , so after boiling it for 35 minutes I turned it, so the top was on the bottom and cooked it for 15 minutes more just to be sure it was all cooked , and it was , so I took it out of the water and cut it in half then took out all the seeds from each half , and the best part about cooking spaghetti squash this way was I was able to peel off the outer shell and didn't need to scrape the squash out of its shell & that was sooo much easier...!!!:clap:thumbsup:yesss::woot:celebrate
101_0975    boiled spegettie  squash.jpg

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