Cooking Beans or Seeds and Protein effect?


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Ok, I have looked through so many recipes and focused on single ingredients. What i was unable to understand was how does roasting or cooking an ingredient increase its protein content and somtimes decrease?

Its getting confusing...

Sunflower seed kernels have 22 g of protein raw, another source said it had 36g cooked... (can be % aswell)
yet another source boiled them, and it came down to 19g

Thanks for the help.
I think in the cooking process the heat breaks down whole proteins making more protein readily available. I know it works for MSG which is a natural protein. My daughter is intolerant to the broken down protein, but can consume it as long as it is whole because her body doesn't process it whole. If it is broken down it is processed by her digestive tract and she will have a reaction. Depending on how broken down the protein is during cooking she may have mild symptom or severe. I'm guessing that is how.
The stated 36g or 19g or whatever is the amount per 100g - right? If you cook seeds you usually do it in water, don't you? So 100g of the cooked seeds simply contain more water. You can experiment with weighing a portion of seeds, cook them and then weigh them cooked.

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