cooking feet& the innards

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    cooking feet..... i have heard people use chicken feet for stock, and flavoring, my question is how do you clean them?, do you soak them in anything special?, do you skin them?, if so, how? please let me know. the innards...... does anyone have pics of the chicken but open and, more specifically, have the innards identified, i know some of you computer guru's can do something to tag parts of photo's..... right?... or links would be helpful.
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    I make stock using the feet. I buy feet at an Asian market and the socks or outer skin is already removed. I boil them for five minutes, cool them under the tap, then cut off the claw tips. I hit them a few times with the clever to break the bones and open the flesh. Then I bring them back to a boil in fresh water and simmer the for a couple of hours. Best broth on earth. It will be jello at room temperature due to all the collogen in the feet.
    Also add carrots, celery and onions to the simmer.
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    Don't know if you're still watching this thread, FlipFlopFarmer, but here you go:

    You just scald the feet, like you would do to remove feathers, and then you should be able to pull off the outer layer of skin easily. If it doesn't come off at first, stick 'em back in the water for a few more seconds and try again. Sometimes you have to scrape a little with your finger nail or the back of a knife. Then just chop off the very tips of the toes with a sharp knife. Then everything is clean and nice!

    Easy peasy! And chicken feet are indeed EXCELLENT for stock...
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    I've got a couple whole birds thawing out for my ferrets.. If you'd like I can try and get together a few pictures to help you ID the innards. It'll probably be Tomorrow before I post them though

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