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    So I made rice with raisins for my chicks last night added some molasses, flax seed oil, just whatever was on hand and/or needed to be used here is the good part....after it was done I coated with cornmeal, it will serve those ants....... well I hope.....ya got alot of ants this year & my girls don't fancy them....hoping the cornmeal will to the trick.

    Anyone else cook meals for their chooks?
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    All the time! I've posted some recipes in the recipe section.....

    Most foods that are low fat and low salt are good for your birds. We don't feed most animal protein to ours, (exception is fish) but they do forage our acreage, so they eat lots of yard yummies.

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    If you do a search there is along thread on that Cooking for Chickens that I started awhile ago, lots of good recipes there [​IMG]
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    I've been having a lot of fun, finding new ways to cook treats for the girls!

    First you start with cooking vegetables...then you start adding grains, then you think "what if I added some hard-boiled egg?" and then...

    My boyfriend says I'm spoiling them.

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