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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by dishfickle, Sep 22, 2018.

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    My waterfowl act strange when one of them take off to nest. One, they seem to be able to count because when one goes missing it really disturbs them because they know whats out there. I usually collect the nest and bring mama in to lay because preditors get them. They know that. A paddle or a gaggle will count heads everyday. They have their place in line as well so they notice.

    Anyway... once I bring that nest to the barn with mama and they know where she is at it gets better. My own ducks like to do this to me as well, depending on who it is sitting.. if it is my first duck in line, they will act off, distract you, whatever they can do to keep that nest hidden and the ducks are probably all using the nest. So, the others not missing can be considered the moles. They are intentionally keeping your husband preoccupied until she gets off the nest and back. The next day, it may be another one who is missing for a while and all the rest are up at the barn worrying us with whatever it takes... even turning down their favorite food, peas!
    I can’t let ours nest in a hidden spot. Too many owls ripping off necks for the crop around here. They get over it and go on if nest is moved as long as you actually put a mama in with for a day or so. Sometimes, I can see them stomping out there in field like, “well, she thinks that those are the only eggs we can lay, we will show her and then it becomes even harder to find new nest lol. Ducks are not good mothers. They will just lay another and another replacing what they are missing to make up a 12-15 egg batch. Until they get at least that number. Then, the crazies will sit 24 days and just leave because their buddies are having more fun. Ducks are odd but funny so they are worth it to me. I confine mine so they dedicate to the nest.

    Tell hubby, nothing personal just slyer than us sometimes lol. Well most of the time!
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    Much better, thanks for asking. It must have been teen angst.

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