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    We got 6 new day-olds last week and they're now 1 week old. At first we planned to set them up in a section of the coop, but space didn't allow that. So they ended up in the workshop which is safe and insulated but not heated. We have a heatlamp over them and put walls up around their brooder to keep the heat in. There is a thermometer in their brooder and it has never gotten warmer than 80F. They don't huddle up a lot except when they're sleepy. They're growing like crazy and are healthy and active. I don't know if there's any long term effects of keeping them cooler than they should be. We are having a very cool spring up here, so maybe that'll work in their favor. What should the outdoor temp be and how old before we take them outside for a bit. Also how old before they go in with the big girls.
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    Them being in a cooler environment will not affect them. And since they are acting fine the temp is good for them. Depending on your weather/temp, if your in the 80's outside right now, they should be able to go out for a bit. But watch to see if they huddle together acting cold.
    Not really sure about when to put in with the hens.

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