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    Homemade cool neck wraps. If you would like a certain design on one Just let me know. I find a material in the pattern if possible. Send you a picture of it. Make it and ship it to you, upon your approval of the pattern. There are 4 cooling compartment in these wraps. And are made from 100% cotton material.

    Product details

    Simply just soak in cold water for no more than 2 hrs. Wear around your neck or head for an instant cooling effect
    Re-soak as needed during the day. Depending upon personal care of your cool neck, it can last for many months... or even years. When finished hang up to dry out. When you are ready to re-hydrate your cool neck soak in cool water and it will re-hydrate as new. The crystals in your cool neck will return to sand like substance when completely dried out. For easy storage.

    Can I Freeze You Can Not Freeze Cool Wraps

    Can I hydrate By Pool or Spa? You Can Not Hydrate in Pools or Spas, the chemicals found in pools and spas will deactivate the crystals from hydrating.

    How do I wash my Cool Wrap? You can use the very smallest amount of mild dish soap. Putting them in the washing machine will ruin them.

    Can I Microwave or Heat Up My Cool Wrap? You may heat your Cool Wrap on a low setting. As all microwaves are different please test your Cool Wrap for a few seconds at a time, so as not to burn your fabric or the crystals inside.

    Crystals are non-toxic. But I still wouldn't eat them or let my children.

    shipping charges:

    US Postage Rates

    (1) Wrap $1.89 (2) Wraps $2.23 (3) Wraps $2.57 (4) Wraps $2.91 (5) Wraps $3.25 (6) Wraps 3.59 (this includes my .50 handling fee)

    I accept money orders and personal checks, Items will be shipped upon them clearing my bank. Thank you
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    How much are the actual cool wraps?
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    I have 2 of these made by 2 different companies. one has larger beads and works great. the other has smaller beads and I get goo all over my neck. do yours do this if they are over soaked?

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