cool new water container for my mini ducks

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mominoz, May 28, 2010.

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    Just thought I'd pass this on. I have 5 mini ducks in a pen divided in half for the two breeds. I have a cement mixer pan from Home Depot for their pools, About 2 feet long by 18' by 6" deep . Perfect size. But for drinking water I was using those rubber pans, but those things get hot and leech into the water and give a funny taste, plus the bowls were not lasting on hot days for 2 minis. I needed a deeper waterer , that they couldn't " mess out' but still dip head in --and/or not have to drink out of their swim water. So I found a Maxwell house coffee container works great. I get the Blue ones at Walmart that holds like 2 lbs.? It is Blue plastic and about 8" deep. by about 6"x6" . I put a rock in it for weight and I sink it into the gravel about 2-3". It has a nice 5" or so diameter opening on top. They can't mess the water out and it last even on the hottest days.
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    Quote:That begs the question... how do you know it gives the water a funny taste? Been drinking the duck's water again, huh?

    At any rate, congrats on finding a waterer that the ducks can't get dirty! They are indeed messy with water.
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