Cool trick for poultry dust lice mites

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by tdgill, May 18, 2010.

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    for those of you who are worried about dusting (yourself as much as your chickens) I read a cool tip today. Place proper amount of poultry dust (my prozap dust is about 1 ounce for 6 chickens so I divided one ounce into 6 equal parts. Think Scarface and illegal lines...LOL. I think I might also attempt to measure it as in tablespoons etc for future reference) place chicken in garbage bag with it's head OUTSIDE of the bag and rotate and gently shake the bag to completely cover bird with dust. Wearing of a mask is still advisable. I have yet to attempt this trick but it sounds encouraging. I have breathing problems so have delayed dusting. In the future I will probably go with some type of spray. I do have the advantage product for kittens that I have also considered using. Not sure what ppl use, kitten or dog application - they are different.

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    Thanks for the tip [​IMG]
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    Thats a great tip!!! [​IMG]
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    I've always dusted mine in a garbage bag if they needed it...,gently 'shake and bake.'
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    ...but don't you still have to make sure it gets under their wings and around their vent? Seems a simple shake in a bag might not be very thorough. Maybe apply under the wings and around the vent and then do the 'shake-n-bake'?

    If you're going through the trouble you might as well get it right. Right? [​IMG]

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    LOL! Shake & bake, indeed!!!! I just add the dust to their favorite dust bathing spot.
  7. tdgill

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    my rooster rarely dustbathes...weird huh
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    Inside the bag it's a dust storm, basically. I also have gone to DE added to the dust baths, plus keep one dust bath undercover, so it's always available, even in wet weather. Our clay isn't much use in the rainy seasons.

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