Cooler turned incubator

Ken H

10 Years
May 21, 2009
Well, it's not fancy but I think it will work. designed and built this morning. I was worried the eggs might hatch while I was at work and a new chick be hurt wandering to close to the heat sourse(light bulb) so I installed a plexiglass divider, mounted a circulating fan from a computer and drilled a series of small holes to allow for forced ventilation. I believe this will also allow greater humidification because I'll be able to place the water source very close to the heat source causing increased evaporation.Still need to get a thermostat and hygrometer to moniter the RH. It's only got a 15 watt bulb in it right now. I want to test to see how big a bulb I need to get to 100 degrees.


very cool! I have a homemade incubator from a foam cooler. I tried different bulb W till i found the right one for my incubator and for me it was a 40W a 15 and a 25 wouldn't get above 85 to 92 for me but your cooler is more insulated good luck have fun!
Your incubator is lovely, and very 'streamlined'. It looks very professional. You might wish you had made a bigger viewing window though, especially if you have more than one person watching the hatch.
Looks great. Question, where are the air vent holes to the outside, how many are you using, what diameter?

Humidity is good. Ventilation is hugely important. Really very.

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