Cooling in HOT weather?


9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
Coldwater, MS
Are chickens scared of something loud like a box fan or something like that in their pen? They still have free range, but when they come in to eat, drink, or go in coop to lay. Please I would love some advice! 98° tomorrow!
We have had a box fan in the window of the coop pretty much since they have been in there. They do not jump up onto the roost that is in front of the fan although they could. Since your chickens have never seen one they might be alittle scared of it at first but I don't think it will worry them too much. I would start it on low. I am also putting frozen milk jugs of water in the coop for them to lay next to and give them cold watermelon for a treat. Ours are still in the coop as the run is not done yet. It's been three weeks now. We are leaving for 5 days tomorrow and I am worried about them but you can only do what you can do. As yours are outside most of the time I think they'll be fine. Good luck!
We use a small fan that runs off electricity and batteries (when it's raining). Doesn't bother the chickens at all. Yesterday, I dropped a frozen water bottle down in the waterer and it really helped to keep the water cool.
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I have big fans hanging I picked up from sams they are fine my chickens dont care at all..I think they are much happy with them on yesterday was 100..And they are much loader then a box fan soo you should be fine
I also use large fan's in my coop, I have several all placed in strategic locations and they do just fine with them no problems, although I wouldn't recommend a fan for those with those small little barbie doll house coops or small ones where you can't walk into them. One thing I would discourage is any kind of auto misters, I know some folks will screech over this but I am not a fan of misters. They put alot of moisture into the air that causes more problems than they solve and the higher humidity levels as everybody knows can stress animals just as fast as humans. It can mold feed and moisten the bedding which will harbor fly larve & bacteria, Just get them some shade and plenty of water and they will be just fine, and I know because here in Oklahoma (the armpit of the weather community) the heat levels are so hot for so long that I need to take a vacation to H3ll because it's cooler there LOL.

al6517, I have to totally agree with you. Dumping more moisture into already saturated air just makes it worse. Sure it may feel good for the first second or two, but after that it's just miserable. They probably do work great in dry climates though.
I know some folks who were a little desperate to get some relief to their chickens and added misters, then their problems really began and never stopped until they discontinued the use of their misters. Their birds were coming down with respitory problems along with a miriad of other health issues all the while I was telling them get rid of those da# misters but they were hard headed and as many on here are when it comes to what feels good to humans must feel good for their chickens, until they are counting their losses. I just don't want to see others make that same choice but alas their will be many many more losses attributed to the mister than the heat will ever do.


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