"Cooling" incubating eggs?

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    A friend of mine gave me a Brower 845 incubator. I am reading the manual as I am getting prepared to hatch my first cluth of eggs. Everything makes sense except for one section which refers to cooling the eggs. It says that for the 1st week, no cooling is necessary. But each day after the 1st week the eggs should be cooled for about 10-15 minutes, increasing the time several minutes each day until the end of day 18. What does that mean exactly, and how do I do it?
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    Does it mean taking the lid off or something to simulate the hen getting up off the nest periodically?

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    Quote:That makes sense...but won't leaving the lid off the bator for 10-15 minutes totally screw up my humidity and temp settings? I'm confused. [​IMG]
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    i open the lid every time I have to turn the eggs, but its open 30 sec at the most each time.

    Candling it may be open 1-2 minutes.
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    Quote:That's just too wierd, and I would not do it. I have the newest model of Brower, and there are no instructions like THAT. If I were you, I'd call Brower and ask, 1-319-469-4141. I don't remember her name, but ask for the sales manager; she's pretty well informed about the products.
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    I dont have a turner either so I turn my eggs twice a day and sometimes open the lid for a few seconds if the humidity gets too high in the middle of the day when its raining (like its been doing every day almost) to get it down. I also open it to add or take away water to adjust humidity. I did not candle til day 15 on my current hatching eggs but I plan to candle my new eggs on day 7 which will be sunday. I think you should just open the bator once or twice a day to let in fresh oxygen and simulate the hen leaving the nest. During the End Oxygen is Essential from what I have read.
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    Quote:Its ok to open the lid to turn and its even ok if you candle and that takes 10 min, eggs can cool down in the bator and not hurt the hatch ( like mother hen would do) But I would not cool down eggs everyday !!!! my last hatch I turned 3X a day and candled day 7,12,18 and the eggs cooled down while I was doing it, every egg devopled and every egg hatched. I would be worried about your temps and hum than cooling down eggs, I did read a post on her once about "back in the day" incubating and it did say to cool the eggs (they wanted to make it like a hen would) but then I thiknk they found out its ok if you dont !!!

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