Coon Caught Killing Chickens in Seattle

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by SussexInSeattle, Mar 14, 2013.

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    Oct 6, 2008
    About 10 days back I came home from and extra long day at work to eventually find a huge coon in my barn working on killing my chickens when I went to lock down for the night. A nice neighbor a few blocks away had offered the services of her young adult sons who were all hunters, that if I were to have more coon trouble, she would send her sons over to take care of the offender. I had taken a big hit in November where my favorite pullet had been fully consumed but 5 more cockerelles and pullets were simply fun-kills where the coon had just eaten their throats and left the full bodies behind like a small war-zone. I never heard that attack and just awoke to the scene of blood, bodies and feathers everywhere.

    I was pretty sure this must be the same culprit from November so I locked the door and made the call. The kids showed up within minutes with the longest shotgun I had ever seen and I showed them the barn layout from the window then we opened the door and the coon was dispatched in less than a minute, a huge old male. The kids not only did the deed but also took care of the body for me.

    Since that night, I have had 2 people and a neighbor tell me be sure not to mention this anywhere because it was illegal to kill raccoons in WA state. Now everything I have ever read in here said it was legal to protect your livestock from predation.

    So want to find out if anyone in here from the King County area knows anything at all about protection of livestock from predation? I have searched all over online and cant seem to find anything good or bad. I don't want to put out phone calls anywhere just in case but want to know for the future of my chickens. He only got one pullet this time but it was of course my very most expensive one. I am in the south Seattle area but still north of the Seatac airport on just under 1 acre. The shots were both inside an old barn about 10 X 20 feet in size.

    I appreciate any help with these questions.
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    Read up on your State Game and Fish or Wildlife Laws by looking at your state DNR publications. I've never heard of a state not allowing killing of coons?? If its now allowed well then never ever mention the incident and DENY DENY DENY. 3 S Rule (shoot, shovel and shut up)
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    Yep, just kill the darn things and don't tell anyone. I doubt that it would be illegal anyways.

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