Coon damage-Chicken Eye hanging Out

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    Oct 30, 2010
    First Post: Nearly a week ago, we interrupted an attempted chicken-napping by an enormous coon. Our best layer put up a good fight and ended up with some blood about the head area, most noteably, an eye hangoing out about 1/2 inch (on what appears to be a thick, black thing that looks like a fan belt) . We seperated her from the others, they immediately began to attack the eye. She has been in solitary for 5 days. She laid an egg the first day, attempted today but it was all liquid. She sits/stands in her nest, does not eat or drink that we have seen. She is completely disoriented now that the eye is no longer functioning and moves in the direction of the good eye (circling). There is a sticky white substance on her beak. Not sure if she is dehydrated or infected. Not sure if she is going to make it. Wondering if we should just euthanize her. Was hoping it would be like an umbilical cord and dry up so we could remove it? We have a small flock of 9 in S. CA on the city border.
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    This is more likely to get some help in Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures which is where the folks that do a bit of bird doctoring can usually be found.

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