COON SKIN HAT is mine tonight!!!!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by sonew123, Jun 15, 2011.

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    ugh...Folks staying next door to us were taking a late stroll.. They stopped my nephew ( who lives with us now -a whole other story) to tell him they saw a huge raccoon scaling the 6ft fence and trying to get into the barn! He creeps into my room just as I was shutting lights out at 11pm to tell me. I thought meh... [​IMG] It's all good... barn is tight as a drum.. WELLLL I laid in bed for over an hour and all I could think of is my babies screaming. I got up -woke up DH asking for a gun. He thought I flipped my lid! We aren't allowed to use a gun within 500ft of a neighbor... [​IMG] The only close neighbor we have that would care is the one who lives directly across from my barn-head of the APA ( Adirondack protection agency!) [​IMG] ..Well wheres the Co2 and pellet gun? We're out of Co2 and dad has gun... [​IMG] Well for crying out loud wheres the paintball guns??? out of paint balls!!!!! [​IMG] So I did what any chicken loving nutjob would do..I creeped down to barn just in time to see this fat old coon creeping out of the eave of my barn!!! He tore the chicken wire off just enough to get in!!!! I freak..He spots me..goes back in...I grab the pitch fork and hide near opening...45 minutes I stood there not moving waiting for him to come out...waiting for any scream to happen...Nothing-I am now bit up from every biting insect in 20 miles!...The only thing keeping it from getting my babies now is the ceiling. which is blown insulation and insulation boards!!!! They new plywood hasnt gone up yet.... 1:30 am I put pitchfork down and taste defeat and just want to cry [​IMG] I say a prayer and go to bed. My babies were untouched last night!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
    So NOW when Dh comes home another fencing section is going up..check...-live traps are being set-..cehck...-co2 and pellet gun check...if it ignores trap it gets the pellet gun! Wish me luck tonight because where's there's one around here...there's 12! [​IMG] Gunna get me a cap tonight!! I hope [​IMG] Have to put lots of calamine (sp) lotion on to stop itching first!
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    I hope you get it. Good Luck!
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    I lost a chicken last night. Probably a dumb racoon too. Grrrr....I can't believe how crafty they are. This was my first time having chickens and I can't even go 3 weeks without losing one. Poor Raoul. Thanks for your story [​IMG]
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    Thank you...

    ok -just spent the last two hours ripping down all chicken wire fencing on eaves and replaced with 2 x 4 blocks!!! My BIL is a pest control guy-so he is also coming over shortly, I hope [​IMG] , to set up a double trap. We left the last eave open just in case the coon was hunkered down inside. The traps will catch him trying to get out or trying to get back in. My nephew and I scoped out a great hidey hole spot about 30 ft from where I'm setting bait out. We have a [​IMG] pumping pellet gun to shoot it if we see it-It wont kill it but it will hurt it and hopefully deter it from coming back..If it does we'll be ready again as we are getting Co2 for paintball guns and other pellet guns....[​IMG] I WILL take photos and post. Gosh I sound so sick but I have to tell you Im more scared than anything for my babies that are in there. It houses 5 different breeds and my free ranging egg laying side with 30+ HENS! Come to momma Mr. Raccoon!
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    Sounds like you got it covered. Good luck.
    Nothing worse then living next to the president of something!
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    Quote:aww Im sorry for you [​IMG] I have spent the last 3 years predator proofing more and more every year-They dont stop trying to get in dang it!
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    southern nh
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    May 13, 2011
    [​IMG][​IMG] Hope you get him!
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    geet em Nat!

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