Coop advice in southwest Arizona

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  1. LilnAz

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    Nov 7, 2014
    Sunny Arizona
    I live in Yuma. With the heat of the summer I am considering a 3-sided coop. I'm concerned about The occasional cold or freezing temps we have. Any comments or suggestions?
  2. Percheron chick

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    Apr 12, 2013
    Boulder, Colorado
    Chickens are going to have move trouble with the summer than any winter weather you can throw at them. A 3 sided coop is all you need. Insulate the roof and if you can build it so it is shaded by a tree or other building. Also choose birds that are heat tolerant. That will help keep you in eggs because they won't be as stressed.
  3. I kinda solved the Heat problem. It gets hotter at my house than Anywhere in Arizona. The more air flow, the better. I butted my coop to the east side of my shed. Protects from afternoon sun. I also ran chicken wire on top of my coop. Owls eat chickens. My coop has a large door on the end to help get air into their enclosed nesting box area. My coop is also about 15 inches off the ground so that the bottom doesn't get hot or flood during monsoon season. Higher is better. Shade is keep for this next part ~ I put a Misting system in their pens and run. It makes a huge difference. Best part, you can adjust the heads on the misters as to flow &/or direction. :-D
  4. As for the cold, I put a sheet of plywood on each side of the pen, the roof, and around the door. You can also run a heat lamp or 2 if it gets as cold as here. You would think out here, where I am, wouldn't get down to 24°, but it does.
  5. Quick tip ~ for the plywood, it's easiest to hinge it. That way during the day, you can let some winter day sun in. ;-)

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