Coop and run delivery seriously delayed - indoor/outdoor options

Nicky S

May 30, 2021
Southern CT
So my coop and run were supposed to be here over 6 weeks ago, but the shipping keeps on being pushed back. My girls are now 2 months old and I am desperate (I have six of them, Orpingons, Brahma, Australorp etc.). I have been taking them outside as much as possible in the day with a large pop-up gazebo tent, with roosting perches etc. inside, which I move around the lawn. However, I only have them out in this when I am at home for fear it blows over. They also dig under occasionally! When I can, I also have them free range around, but as we have hawks that come through I only do this if I am in the garden with them. The rest of the time they are in a large wire grid enclosure inside the house where I had them as babies (converted guinea pig enclosure). They have room to roost as I've extended it upwards, but the issue is the mess as my lounge has turned into a barnyard. I've been using pine chips since they got bigger, but I'm thinking that a return to puppy pads / old towels might be better? I don't care about how much laundry, I just can't take the pine savings scuffed EVERYWHERE any longer, and I figure if I do a complete clean every day then that will help the smell? I had no idea my girls would be so STINKY 😂. Anyone see an issue with this? Or have any suggestions? I also have a washable guineadad large fleece I could use if that's safe. If they could be outside all day that would also help.
If you've got a predator-proofed enclosure (or can get something up quickly, like my electric poultry netting), you can use quite minimal housing in favorable weather.

Do you have a basement, porch or garage that you could use temporarily to get them out of your living space while you await the delivery? I had to temporarily house my (grown) chickens in the house at one point last summer, so I cleared a room in the basement, lined the floor with a huge tarp and put pine shavings on top. The chickens had a lot of room to move around so they did well, and it wasn't in the main living space of the house so smell didn't matter as much. Best if outside, yes, but if that's not an option, other spaces can work in a pinch. Especially if it's just during the day, and you still bring them inside at night where they'll be safe.

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