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    Jul 19, 2009
    I know there's many posts on here regarding cameras in the coop, whether for security (predators), or to enjoy chicken TV in the comfort of your home, while away on vacation or away from home to monitor them (via Internet), being too lazy to go out in the cold weather & you use the camera to see when a hen layed an egg or check their food & water (LOL...this would be ME this winter...I don't tolerate cold very well. [​IMG] [​IMG] ) or a combination of any of these.

    The thing is, it would take A LOT of time to search for & read through all these posts (especially since some of those posts are just within many random topics & just happens to be mentioned).

    So, if you have a coop camera, post here! [​IMG]

    Please include any of the following info:

    - Brand & model # of your camera, if known

    - Where to purchase? And/or a link to it for sale online?

    - Reviews/Opinions of your camera? Would you buy it again or choose another brand and/or model?

    - Does it have night vision? Does it pan around, tilt, zoom, etc.?

    - Wireless? Internet accessibility to see from a remote location via wi-fi?

    - A pic of your set up (of the actual camera itself...location in or around coop, etc.)

    - A link to see your camera in action [​IMG]

    - The main reason you got & installed the camera (predators, away from home/vacation, chicken TV, laziness to keep from having so many trips to the coop to check for eggs, etc.)

    - Any other input/feedback you'd like to include

    Of course, any of this is optional (heck, even opening this post is optional [​IMG] ), but I would greatly appreciate any input.

    Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Sep 16, 2010
    Check out this thread.

    I bought two Foscam mentioned on the thread and they do the job. I can view them from my iPhone or any computer. I love watching the chickens at night. I'm setting up a new router tonight and brought the cameras in, to reconfigure them, so I don't have a link now, but you can find links on the thread.

    I bought cheapo ones, from Amazon:

    worth it!
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    I'm thinking something is stealing my eggs. Some days I have a dozen and other days 5 or 6. So I bought a game camera and set it up in the coop. Will see what happens. I saw a 5' black snake slither away from the area the other day so maybe it is stopping by for lunch. Not sure what to do if it is a snake but want to see if I can at least identify what, if anything, is taking the eggs. The first day's pictures were good. Very funny to see the activity in the coop. Caught 3 of them laying on the floor. First time they laid their eggs there in the corner. Maybe the camera was bothering them, camera shy? Moultrie LX30IR 5.0 MP Infrared Camer, $65.

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