Coop Christmas Decorating Contest!

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    We are havng a coop Christmas decorating contest this year to continue the fun through the holiday season!

    Submit your entries in the thread in the Coop Design and Construction forum.

    DO NOT POST PICS HERE IN THIS THREAD!! If you need help posting a pic, please contact a moderator.

    Enter as many times as you wish, but please limit the pics in each post your best three views of each coop.

    Please make sure they are clear, since the winning pic will be used as pic of the week for the Holidays.

    The Staff will be judging and a winner chosen on the 20th of December.

    If you resize your pics, please save a copy of the original in size to email to one of the mods in case you are the winner.
    To do this, after resizing, use the "save as" command and pic a name for the pic, then save.

    Be creative, bright, flashy. A chicken (or duck as the case may be hehe) in the pic is always nice, too!

    Have fun and GOOD LUCK!

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