coop cleaning time--YUCK


9 Years
May 12, 2010
Erie PA
It has been very damp here lately and noticed that yucky coop smell. Just finished the complete clean and the girls are loving it. But hauling all that stuff the 20 feet to the compost pile wasn't my idea of fun. I'm thinking i need a bin right beside the coop. And of course I smell like it now too. We may get a couple more light snow storms but basically rain for 2 months from here on out. Now if someone could just build me a bridge 200 feet long from the coop to the house I would be really happy and a whole lot less muddy.
That's one reason why I use poop boards and clean every day. I'd rather spend 5 or 10 minutes every day than have a big cleaning job once or twice a year.
Every day? WOW !!!!

Every day? WOW !!!!


We have indoors birds that we clean up after every day too, so daily chicken chores just seemed natural to us.
totally agree - this is the only way to go although with the winter we had there were a few days that I missed. Right now all of that good poop is breaking down on my garden beds.

The main coop I clean every day. It has sand floor that makes clraning easy with the strainer I use. Once a week I sprinkle DE in it.
The Brooder Hutch is once a week along with the bachlor pen.

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