Coop cleaning when pregnant?

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    Apr 6, 2011
    I found out a few weeks ago that I am pregnant. I have still been cleaning the coop regularly without even thinking that it could possibly hurt the baby. Could it? Daily I pull out the chickens poop board & scrape it clean, replace it then sift the pine bedding I use as litter and replace some if needed. I rake the run and make sure it is nice and clean for my chickens. I clean their waterer & feeders daily and refill twice daily and at the end of the night I place their solar lights so thay can see. I also make sure there are no spider webs or spiders or anyother icky things in their coop/run.
    Hubby is deployed to Kuwait, so he cannot help me. My kids might be able to help out, but I hate to make them do that stuff since it was my suggestion to get chickens. Is there anything I should be doing differently? Should I start wearing gloves or a mask or something? It isn't nasty in there (thats why I do it daily) but Im not sure. What do you think? Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions [​IMG]
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    Get the kids to help out and if it is really dusty like tons of chicken dust floating around and you are breathing that in then you need a mask and if you are touching the poop and stuff I would where gloves just in case but I don’t think it is really bad or anything, just wash your hands a lot
    Oh and by the way [​IMG] good for you [​IMG] congratulations on the whole going to have a baby thing [​IMG]
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    I'm no help, but I don't think the dust is good to breath in. I remember when I was pregnant (16yrs ago) they told me to stay away from the cat litter. Don't change the cat litter if your pregnant, but I never heard anything about chickens. Although, chickens weren't as popular as they are now.
    I do know, however, that you can NOT give blood when you own chickens. I can't tell you why, but that is one of the questions they ask before giving blood.
    If it were me, I would ask my doctor. He/she should know! Good luck with your chickens, and congratulations on your pregnancy!!! ~Kim
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    Quote:I've never heard of this before and tons of people give blood who owns chickens, some of them are also baby donors so I don't know how this got out there? [​IMG]
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    Quote:That's odd. I gave blood recently and they didn't ask me that. Never have.
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    You need to ask your OB doctor or at the least let your doctor know you are working around chicken dust. If doc is ok with being around your chickens then I'd still wear a high quality mask like a N95 and use common sense with the duration you expose yourself to. Use your kids, with a new baby coming, everyone can help a little more.[​IMG]
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    Definitely wear a mask.
  8. Dutchess

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    Quote:That's odd. I gave blood recently and they didn't ask me that. Never have.

    It's been awhile since I have given blood, like 3-4 years. Maybe they have different guidelines now? Or, maybe it was because there were issues in the past that they have resolved? [​IMG] It could have to do with something going on in these parts? I dunno, but I promise you, it WAS a question. Stopped me from giving last time.
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    Congrats! I'm 29 weeks pregnant and my OB told me that I could continue doing everything I did before I got pregnant, but just take some precautions. When cleaning around the chickens, wear a mask and take breaks to rest and sip water. As long as you don't get too hot or dizzy, you can keep going. If at any point you start feeling weak, stop!

    Also, I carried my own feed (50 lb bags) until I was 20 weeks pregnant. By then, I could have still done it, but my belly had started to get in the way.

    If you would like, there is an Expectant Parent Club thread on BYC if you would like to join!
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