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    I have a 4’x 5’ coop, with a side door at waist height. I open the door and remove the droppings every 3 days using a small kitty scoop. The pine shavings are 2-3 inches deep and there are three roosting poles. I have been sick for two weeks and could not do the cleaning. The droppings and the pine shavings are now hard as a rock. The nesting boxes fortunately were not affected. I am wondering if there is any other cleaning methods such as liter linings, pans, and other techniques (beside the deep liter method) that I can use as part of the regular cleaning. I am fanatic about keeping the coop clean and want to continue to maintain it droppings –free as much as possible. Thank you!
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    I use a combo if poop boards made from plywood and sand/PDZ as bedding. I scrap the boards everyday and scoop the sand with a kitty litter scoop. Anything that makes it to the sand dries our pretty quickly.
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    We do pretty much the same as you are doing. Just pick out the chunks daily. We only have 10 so it is less than 5 minutes. The bedding that we use is pine shavings, that's what works best and most cost friendly for us. The one thing that would make it better is a poop board but I would still have to go inside the coop to clean that so we have not installed one. I add more shavings as needed and once every 6 months remove all the shavings and start over. Our coop is super clean because we take out the main stuff daily.
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    Use of poop boards is the single most valuable thing you can do to maintain a clean, odor-free coop. I found thin wall paneling, which is lighter than plywood, and I glued vinyl flooring to it so it's easy to scrape off each morning and wash off.

    Many of my perches are only inches off the floor, so the poop boards sit on the floor under the perches. I have only one higher perch where I was able to have the poop boards come off the wall, making the floor beneath useable. The floor is covered with wood shavings, and I just pluck out the poop with some tongs when I clean the poop boards every morning.

    Since the greatest volume of poop occurs at night when the chickens roost, cleaning it once a day first thing in the morning maintains a clean coop.
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    Poop boards are the best, I clean them every day (got sweet PDZ on them) and the floor gets very few droppings so cleaning them every day is not hard. I see your coop is pretty small so I don't know how you can accommodate poop boards in it but somehow you can put something under the roosts.
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    I use deep litter pine shavings, and clean it out once every 18 months or so...[​IMG].

    No odors or issues, except dust...

    I have an electric leaf blower that takes care of the dust, every 3 or 4 months...maybe...

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