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    My boyfriend and I have been building our chicken coop, and before we go so far forward that we will have to take it apart to change anything I wanted to get some advice from the experts (or is that eggsperts??...sorry, puns are one of my favorite things, even bad ones)

    ***ahem***Anyway, as I was saying...

    here is a picture of where we were in the process a day ago: [​IMG]

    (please ignore all the extraneous crap all over the place...)

    So far we have put hardware cloth in the top triangular openings near the roof, as well as the long rectangular one in the top front, and there is a small vent to the right of the nest box near the floor.

    We were planning on having the same kind of small vent on 3 walls, and then doors (that open cupboard style) with hardware cloth on the front, and removable window inserts in case it gets to cold for them.

    The wall opposite the nest box is going to have their run access door/ramp, and I wanted a window as well, with hardware cloth, to provide light and air and a view (for both the humans and the chickens)

    Is that going to be to ventilated? Not enough? To drafty?

    I live in Northern California, so I don't expect sub-freezing temps. but how cold is too cold for a chicken anyway???

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

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    A couple of articles that might be real helpful to you if you have not seen them before.

    Pat’s Winter Coop Temperatures

    Pat’s Ventilation

    If it never gets below freezing, I think you will be fine. I don't think you really need the openings near the bottom since the pop door will be open during the heat of the day, but it will not hurt to have them during the warmer months. If you do put them, I'd suggest having a way to block them off in the winter if you get wind, especially in the direction the wind comes from. If I were you I'd not put the other two low vents but complete everything else exactly as you have it and plan. It looks great.

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