coop design for 40 chickens in CT - cold, hot, predators


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Apr 1, 2017
We have 9 chickens now and lose a few to foxes every spring when they are out free ranging. We want to build a new coop for 40 birds and build a large run so that we can cut down on free ranging. They love it but ... just too dangerous. Thinking a raised coop where part of the run could be beneath the coop could keep the overall foot print smaller. Ideas? links to plans?

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Aug 30, 2017
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If I was planning on having 40 birds the only way I'd make it raised is if there are some steps up to the door and it's 6' tall on the inside. You will need at least 160 sq ft inside the coop.



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Climate is most important for coop design.
It's easy and then it's always there.

Agrees with JR....40 birds is a lot of birds, that will need a lot of space.
Why so many?
How long have you had the 9 you have now?

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40 birds x 4sqft = 160 sq ft, basically a 16x10 But that would be the bare minimum. If you are located in a climate that has rainy periods, or snows a lot, you are going to need more than that to prevent behavior problems.

What size area do you have planned for a run, without the coop? Again, a bare minimum would be 400 sqft or a 20x20 area is needed. This will be scratched to mud in no time with 40 birds. You will have to figure out a management strategy for covering the mud.

Since you previously free ranged, do you have a large enough area to make a paddock? Large enough for them to not scratch it out in a couple of months? Or were you looking to lessen the load on the yard?

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