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    Sep 29, 2009
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    I keep changing my mind and my future coop design (I'm terrible at making my mind up >_< )...I finally think I've got it 90% the way I want it...just one stumbling point. The nest box placement! I had originally planned for exterior (I'm not building HUGE coop and wanted to conserve the space(and cold weather is not much of an issue way down here)...but I also like the idea of internal nest boxes that are still accessible from the outside via little doors. So I drew both ideas up and wanted to get all you good people's opinions!!!! I know it's an age discussion...but still thought I'd ask. The drawing are where the boxes would actually be located. For internal it would be a stacked set of boxes and the external ones would be a long line of boxes. SO???

    oh, and there will be a 1' overhang on all sides.

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    I really don't think it matters. Personal preference I guess. I went with the internal ones as we get below zero in the winter here. The thing I like about going inside the coop to gather the eggs is that I get to see what's going on. For me the temptation would be great to just open the little door and get eggs and go on my way. With my nest boxes inside the coop, the girls run in to greet me and I check them over and make sure everything is ok. Just my observation.

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    in your situation, I'd go with the outside box, but make sure it is latched tight to prevent predators. (possum and raccoon)

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