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    As I had mentioned a while ago we have two newbies that we will be adding to our flock when they get big enough. A friend of ours got 3 chicks as well so we decided that we would keep them all together until they got older (I am thinking until they are 2-3 months) Our friends had them until last night, now it is our turn. We are guessing that they are about 4 weeks old.

    I planned on building a coop that would house our two. Inside floor space of 10 Sq ft. I think that would be big enough for our two. The thing is that I would really like to get this built and them moved outside. I am wondering if while they are little we could house all 5 in the new coop I am building for our 2, until they are 2-3 months old. The run space for them is 30 Sq ft.

    1. Can all 5 babies fit into a 10 Sq Ft. coop until they are 3 months?
    2. Would this 10 Sq Ft. coop, 30 Sq Ft run be enough for our two chicks until we move them with our current flock? {thinking when full grown}
    3. Are they old enough to go to a coop outside with a heat lamp? Our temps are lower 40s some upper 30s at night a mid to upper 60s in the day.
    3. What advice can you give?
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    They'll be fine at that age and size
    I'd use TWO heat lamps in case a bulb burns out, but I've raised chicks outdoors in similar temps

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