Coop Elections! RESULTS!


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Apr 2, 2008
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It's that time of year... without a rooster, an election must be held for LEAD HEN!
Vote for your favorite and at the end of two weeks we'll see who's the winner!

(Please be civil, you guys.)

UPDATE~ Charlotte is going to a new home and is no longer in the race. If you voted for Charlotte, you can vote again for a different hen.

#1: Charlotte OUT OF RACE~ do not vote for her
Slogan: Elegant, refined, kind of stupid
What she stands for: Carefree stupidity for all! Charlotte believes that there's no reason to think past the word "food".

#2: Fatima
Slogan: There when you need her... and when you don't
What she stands for: Fatima will always be there to listen to you, the people... even when you don't want her tagging along. But it's the thought that counts, right?

#3: Lillith
Slogan: Scatter and hide!
What she stands for: Come on, chickens, we're not meant to be domesticated! Let's show our indignance by voting for Lillith!

#4: Olympia
Slogan: Wise and seasoned, Olympia's best!
What she stands for: With two years of experience under her belt... I mean, beak, you can't go wrong voting for Olympia! Having lead the flock for years, she know all the tricks and tips for being in charge! (Plus, she's already at the top, why bother change it?)

#5: Ophelia
Slogan: Calm and sensible
What she stands for: Ophelia may be a little shy of other hens, granted, but inside those beautiful chocolate feathers is a lion's heart. And you'll see it too... If she doesn't run away from you.

#6: Phoebe
Slogan: Phoebe knows best
What she stands for: Those striped feathers hide a prodigious mind... Phoebe's! Though a little slow on the uptake, she will always figure out a way that works for everyone... after a while.

#7: Rita
Slogan: Small, quick, smart, and ready to lead!
What she stands for: Rita, champion layer, may be small, but she's a fighter and a tough little gal through and through. Though prone to bullying, Rita doesn't mind. She's so small you might step on her, though.
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Mar 8, 2009
I think Charlotte would be the best because i like the saying of how never to think beyond the word "food" because i'm that way i like to eat allot and also because of the "Kind of Stupid" thing because it show what chickens are really about, but that my option of course! But i thought Charlotte was the best she made me laugh!!!
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Sep 19, 2007
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While I am pleased that all of the candidates have something to stand for, I must vote for Charlotte. She is beautiful. Please tell the others that they are beautiful also, but Charlotte is the prettiest.

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