1. Justin36

    Justin36 Out Of The Brooder

    Apr 19, 2011
    I built a coop in the corner of the barn and it has a cement floor with a hole cut.in the barn wall to go outside with a door to shut them in. My question is should I put dirt or wood shavings on the cement or.leave it as it is?
  2. kdcolorado

    kdcolorado Out Of The Brooder

    May 11, 2011
    My husband and i just finished our very first coop. [​IMG] The co-op where i live in a small town in colorado told us to paint the floor with a cheap laytex paint. We then covered it with two inches of wood havings. The chicks need to scratch and they LOVE IT! And its cheap!
  3. teach1rusl

    teach1rusl Love My Chickens

    I'd do a few inches of shavings. When they hop down from their roost, concrete alone would be hard on thier feet/legs.
  4. bryan99705

    bryan99705 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Putting something down will help with cleaning unless you have a hose and good water pressure. I use a few inches of sand and a rake. Chips are ok but absorb moisture and mildew / rot unless you use Stalldry.
  5. patandchickens

    patandchickens Flock Mistress

    Apr 20, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    Quote:You need bedding on the cement, both to expedite sanitation and also to protect their feet. I'd suggest at least a few inches (and that's AFTER it's been trodden down to its actual working depth/compactness)

    Good luck, have fun,

  6. Justin36

    Justin36 Out Of The Brooder

    Apr 19, 2011
    Thanks guys I have shavings down now but I wasn't sure if it was necessary and if it would make it was the best choice for sanitation.

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