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    Aug 22, 2015
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    I started my small chicken coop at the side of my home where it is paved in bricks. I dropped hay and it was clean for about three days before flies and smell developed. The advantage was the ability to pressure wash the bricks. I moved the pen to a dirt floor area but it's gotten muddy and now have a supply of fire ants hanging around. Before I invest in flooring I seek advice. Slatted wood floor, bricks, or dirt?

    I was offered a suggestion of a layer of white sewer rock (from Home Depot), then a light layer of sand. This would allow washing and rain to drain. Then a thick layer of hay. But ants are still a problem. Ahhhh!!! [​IMG]
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    I use my shed as a coop and it the floor is concrete. I do not put anything on the floor and simply sweep it every day and scrub it twice a week. Maybe you could consider using concrete to fill in the gaps in your paved area to create a floor that has no gaps between the paves? This may be where the smell was coming from as poop could have gotten between the paves?
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    I agree. My floor in my coop is cement. If u put cement in between the pavers it should help with the stench. As for the ants I would use angry killer.
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    I use 8-10 inches of pine shavings.

    If your coop is well ventilated and not overcrowded, you will need to clean but once or twice a year.
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    In Fla, you might be very happy with a deep layer of sand on top of the bricks, or sewer rock then deep sand to raise the grade. The sand drains and dries so well, but you wouldn't be able to wash it. That would be a mess. I used leveling or sand box sand. A poop board under the roosts helps a lot! I wouldn't think you would want to put hay or any litter on top of sand. I also don't recommend shavings in the uncovered portion with as much rainfall as you get. Possibly thick shavings in the covered area and deep sand where it's uncovered? Another product that lots of folks seem very happy with is Sweet PDZ. Have you shouted out on your state thread to see what your neighbors are happy with? Maybe @NorthFLChick will be dropping in later and can offer suggestions as well. Here's a link to your local threads. Here's one to flies in the coop.
    Best of luck to you!
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    I also should have added that you can type just about anything into the Search bar and find great discussion threads and articles. Look on the left hand side in blue for articles.

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