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  1. cbadley

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    Apr 7, 2013
    My plywood floor is now in and I want to put something on top. Was going to do linoleum for easy washout but that would require some sort of topping such as sand or bedding, which would get expensive. I was trying to think of a non-slip substance and thought of that paint on rubberized taring stuff. I worry it may get too hot though and burn the chicks feet. Anyone ever tried it or does anyone have a flooring suggestion?? Thanks guys!
  2. MoonShadows

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    Jan 23, 2013
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    I used the Black Jack 57 Rubberized Roof Coating on the plywood floor in my coop. It stands up great to heat, and since it is not exposed to direct sun light in the coop, it doesn't get hot. I would recommend some wood chips on top of it though to absorb the moisture in the poop.
  3. loveoutdoor

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    Aug 6, 2013
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    For coop I put linoleum down, didn't bother gluing it, use pine shavings with a 3:1 shredded junk mail ratio roughly. Use a plastic lawn rake and throw pieces of bread once a week for the hens to keep it from getting matted down. Cleaning out with plastic rake/broom is simple.

    cheap, easy to clean, lasts a long time, happy hens, happy owner

    my experience is you can find cheap vinyl at big box stores for nearly nothing, ask them if they have any large scraps etc. I did get the thicker kind cause I knew I'd be walking/raking over it

    If you don't put down any shavings or anything your floor will be a poop disaster. My coop is 8x12, I have a bag and a half of shavings into it this whole summer and it'll go till early winter no problem. Buy them and feed from your CO-OP for probably the cheapest.
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    Dec 6, 2012
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    Me and Loveoutdoor have the same set up. Only I just recently switched to wood pellets (when I can get them) I find them more absorbent than pine shavings.
  5. JackE

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    I would second the Blackjack#57 idea. I've had this stuff down in my coop for over 31/2yrs, and it looks as good as the day I poured and rollered it in there. IMO, it's the best coop floor liner you can get.
    I'd still recommend putting some kind of bedding in there though. Otherwise you will be dealing with a poop piled/smeared mess. Bedding will make it a lot easier. Pine chips, sand, leaves, or whatever.
  6. loveoutdoor

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    Aug 6, 2013
    North Dakota

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