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    Just curious, how many of you are using footings of some sort under your coop? I am not concerned with the small "rabbit hutch" sized ones, but more on the line of small shed sized ones. I am now at a coop about 8x8 in my planning stages and the framing will most likly just be 2x3's to keep the weight down. I do have to deal with frost so I am wondering if I should just pour 4 sonic-tubes and build off that, or how many of you have them "floating" on blocks.

    If you "float" do you have any real issues with the coop sitting crooked over time or has it been ok? I am just worried that I will have door fitment issues and window problems.
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    dunno about everyone else but my coop sets right on the ground. I used 2x4's for the framing and just put the plywood over that. I get frost, freezes and an occassional snow. I've got about a foot of straw down on the floor to help with insulation
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    Jul 26, 2007
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    We are pouring concrete footings with 8" sonotube tomorrow under the new 10x12. Not sure if it was necessary, but probably a good idea and I tend to over-build anyhow.
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    Jun 6, 2007
    We poured cement and built off of that. It's a tad crooked in areas, but not enough to make a big difference when we hung the door and put the windows in.
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    DH used cap blocks for the foundation of our kid's playhouse coop. We've had some settling but haven't noticed any problems. I use shims to fill in any spaces that I find between the floor and the foundation, so far so good.


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    Jul 31, 2007
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    We did, we used 8x8's here's a few pictures of our footings[​IMG]
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    May 25, 2007
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    We have always made everything like a pole barn, the barn, the shed, the 2nd barn, the 2nd shed, etc. For our 8 x 8, we dug post holes about 3 feet down, framed it out, etc. It's easy and sturdy. Our biggest barn was 20 x24. If the sky was falling, I would have stayed in there. Karen
  9. Hey Firefyter,

    Here's what I did. I built a 6' X 8' shed style coop. I started with 6 leveled and set concrete blocks with 4 X 4 skids. I dug down about half the block and used sand to level them. I copied the design of a Kloter Farms shed for the floor.
    Next I built a frame of PT 2 X 4's to make up the floor, toe-nailed onto the skids.
    Then covered the whole thing with 3/4" PT plywood. My father-in-law in the photo was a big help with free labor. (No retirees were injured or abused during the construction of my coop.)
    The ground where I built mine is an ancient stream bed FULL of rocks and boulders anchored together with tree roots. Nothing much will be shifting there.

    BTW.....Ashford Fire Dept. Station 20 Warrenville
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    hey Galaxieman

    Those blocks are stronger with the holes vertical
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