coop for my new baby girls!!!

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    I just got some new babies. I live in Florida. Awhile back we had our old barn torn down as it was decrepit. We gave the barn to the person who took it down. I used to put the babies in the barn. The big girls are in a coop. I need to build something they can transition into between the brooder to the coop. I have 17 (1 died). I don't need nest boxes in the transition coop because the big girls coop holds 30. I too as many other's I have discovered, face this same thing. I am looking into a shed because I want to move tools and supplies out of my greenhouse into the shed, but in the meantime part of the shed can be the transition coop in which I could build a run. I didn't realize how expensive the sheds are. I'm thinking of building a shed. I have been thinking about using corregated pannels. They would let light in. Has anyone else ever tried this? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    My neibougr has some of it for the roof of his barn and it work great.

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