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May 11, 2012
Coop is in 90065.
The coop is about 4.5x9 and about 7' tall. The wire is stucco lathe which has dimensions and aesthetic similar to poultry wire but the gauge is MUCH thicker (on par with hardware cloth). It's also wrapped along the bottom of the run so no burrowing critters can get in. There's an egg door on the side with a clean out hatch under it. Large door for cleaning on the end. The redwood siding is from a friend's fence that they took down and the door was her old screen door that she didn't want anymore. The framing is all new painted 2x4 construction. The floor is linoleum covered 3/4" plywood that is sloped ever so slightly to allow drainage should you want to hose it out. The next box is made from plywood and has linoleum in the bottom of it for easy cleaning. The "ladder" is on hinges to lift for cleaning. I will help get it to your house as it is very heavy and not easy to disassemble.

I'm moving and cannot take my coop
Please call or email if interested
[email protected]

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