Mar 8, 2018
Hello! We are getting some silkie chicks in a couple weeks and are looking for some advice on a perfect silkie coop. We have their chick pen set up, and we have a large yard with a large run just for chickens, but the coop that was left for us is very small and in poor shape. We are looking for ideas (feel free to share your pics or non traditional coops!) that fit the following criteria:
1. Is low to the ground/on the ground since silkies don't like to climb ramps,
2. Has enough space for about 10 bantam chickens,
3. Is cost efficient, and
4. Is going to be water and predator proof (we live in rainy Oregon and in slightly rural area)
We are also willing to build one if you have a link to plans.
Thank you, all you beautiful people!
Build one yourself to save cash and have a good structure. Make it a walkin for your convenience. That means all the way on the ground to whatever height you are comfortable with. Your silkies will walk out of coop without any ramps.
I suggest you search thru the following thread for ideas. There are very many postings. Just scan thru the pix and study the ones you thing would suit your needs.
Another place to get coop Ideas is go to top of page,,,,, click ARTICLES,,,, then click COOPS.
Consider the size requirements suggested as 4 square feet per chicken. Silkies are bantams, so you can get by with less area.
WISHING YOU BEST ,,,,,,,,,, :welcome
Silkies will climb ramps as long as they are sturdy and /or filled in. I have several silkie coops ranging from dog kennels with a low perch and door added at the rear to these. :)
Of course depending on predators, your fencing and netting would need to suit your particular area.
My silkies will not have anything to do with ramps. When they were in their grow out coop (raised dog house) similar to above post I had to go out every night for 4 months and put them inside. Mine will have nothing to do with roosting bars either, they just huddle together in a pile on the floor of the coop to sleep. Silkies are broody most of the time, if you want to take advantage of this make your nest boxes movable so you can move broody and whole nest to a secure area before hatch.

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